Must Haves For Your New Apartment Home!

Finally, after months of searching and planning for you new apartment, you found your new community that you want to call home! Now comes more planning- figuring out what is needed in your new apartment home. Do not wait until you are in your apartment to realize you do not own a spatula (or any cooking utensils for that matter).

  • A bed. Not only will you need to have a mattress, box spring and a bed frame, you will also need a fitted sheet, a top sheet, pillows, pillowcases, blankets and a comforter. You will also need to put the bed together which brings us to our next items.
  • A toolkit. Even if you think you are a handyman you will still need a toolkit which contains a phillips, hex key and flathead screwdriver, a hammer, nails, wall hooks, a tape measure, pliers, an adjustable wrench, a utility knife, a level and a ruler.
  • Kitchen supplies. In order to be the next top chef, you will need plates, glasses, silverware, a can opener, a sauce pan, a frying pan, knives, a cutting board, a spatula, measuring spoons and cups, dish towels, toaster, a coffee pot, scissors, a vegetable peeler, garbage bags, paper towels, dish soap, a sponge and spices.
  • Bathroom supplies. Don’t wait to get these items until you need any of them, you will regret it. You will need soap, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, towels, a shower curtain, bath mat, bath rug, a toilet brush, toilet plunger and bathroom cleaner.
  • Living Room items. A sofa, chair, area rug, coffee table, a television and a blanket.

Now that you have your list of item, go shop! While you are out shopping, make sure to stop by The Grove for a tour today!

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