Trying to make your apartment look more open and unique seems more difficult than it really is. One of the easiest ways to refresh your apartment home is by rearranging your furniture! That’s it! It will make your apartment home feel brand new without having to buy new items. An interior designer at Blinds Direct based in the United Kingdom, Ana Zuravliova, gave seven tips for rearranging your furniture in order to make your apartment home feel brand new.

The first step is to clear the clutter. Declutter your apartment home before you start deciding where you want your furniture to be located at. Any items that you use seasonally, place in storage to help clear space. Donate or throw away items that sit and collect dust. Keep any items that you use on a regular bases. Zuravlivova says, “This will also give you the opportunity to envision new design pieces that you may wish to incorporate in this space. It is much harder to style up a space that is untidy.”

The second step is to plan ahead. Going online to research a few room planning tools will help you once you start moving items around. If you look through magazines to find what appeals to you, you are able to narrow down where exactly you would like to place your furniture or decorative pieces.

The third step is to think big. Start by moving the larger items like the sofa, bed, or moveable storage cabinets. Once those are moved, you can start building each room around them. Once you have your layout down, you can then set up your coffee table, lay down area rugs and hang pictures. Zuravliova says, “It is so much harder to place a large item than it is to incorporate smaller pieces later down the line.”

The fourth step is to get the look you are wanting. By placing furniture closer together, it will cause the space to look more cozy. By placing it further apart, it will make the space seem larger. Your furniture does not have to be perfectly symmetrical or placed flat against the wall. Get creative and place them at an angle.

The fifth step is to take advantage of what yuou already have in the room- natural light and easy pathways. This will still help with the function of the room and help make the space flow better. Natural light will make the space seem more light and open.

The sixth step is to make sure you found the right fit. When you feel comfortable and at ease, you will know you found the perfect layout for your room. Make sure it feels practical for you and guests on a day to day basis.

The seventh and last step is to enjoy yourself! Make sure to have fun while you are doing this. Remember, if it isn’t something that you like, you can always move it.

Now that you have your steps to ensuring your space will be refreshing to you, stop by The Grove for a tour today to see how you can place your furniture in our unique floor plans!